The online auction of the Black Horses Auction has officially opened! From now on you can place your bids on the 40 exclusive dressage horses; 23 sporthorses, 14 unbroken horses and 5 broodmares. The auction closes this Saturday 1 August from 08:00 PM CEST, so register quickly and make an offer!
All 40 auction horses can be found at Here you will find further information per horse, photos, videos and veterinary documents. You can also directly place a bid on one of the 40 horses.

Bidding steps
The auction horses start at a starting amount of either € 3000.00 or € 5000.00 and the bidding steps work as follows: up to and including € 6000.00 the bids go in steps of € 250.00, from € 6000.00 the bids go in increments of € 500.00 and from € 15,000.00 the bids will increase in steps of € 1000.00.

Starting amount up to and including € 6000.00: step of € 250.00 per bid
€ 6,000.00 to € 15,000.00: step of € 500.00 per bid
€ 15,000 and upwards: step of € 1,000.00 per bid

Explanation “Maxbid”
In addition, it is possible to immediately place a maximum / automatic bid by filling in the “Maxbid” field. Here you can enter an amount and as long as this bid is not exceeded, you are automatically the highest bidder. So you don’t have to worry about missing a horse at the last minute. This “Maxbid” can be increased at any time, so that you can also bid on this certain horse when your maxbid is exceeded.

Follow horses
Do you want to keep an eye on certain horses? Then there are several options. Firstly, you can use the search function: enter the name of a particular horse and the auction page of this horse will appear directly. You can also use the filters, where you can choose from the categories “Broodmares”, “Unbroken horses” and “Sporthorses”, in order to get a clear overview. Finally, you can also add a horse to your watch list, making it easy to keep an eye on these horses. Click on the “Watch Item” button of a certain horse and then you can follow this horse by clicking on “Go to Watch List” or going to the page “My Bids”.

Closing auction
The Black Horses Auction will end on Saturday 1 August and the first lots will close at 08:00 PM CEST. This will be done in groups of 4 horses per 15 mintues; the first 4 lots close at 8:00 PM and the last 4 lots close at 10:15 PM. If there is a last minute bid on a horse, the auction of this horse is automatically extended by 5 minutes.

On you can register as a bidder and once your account has been approved by the auction organization, you can bid on the auction horses. Are you having problems registering or bidding? Please contact us via or by telephone with Peter van der Waaij (+31623412073).

Would you like to view the horses in real life? Please contact Carlo van Kaathoven (+316 53246473) as soon as possible and make an appointment.

Good luck bidding and hopefully we can congratulate you on Saturday 1 August with the purchase of one of these interesting dressage horses!