For the Black Horses Auction of Saturday 1 August, the veterinary documents of all 40 auction horses can be downloaded from the website. You can easily download a ZIP file per horse under the “Documents” tab, containing the available veterinary documents for that specific horse.
The sporthorses and the unbroken horses are subject to both an X-ray and a clinical examination. At least 34 X-rays of these horses are available, including images of the back and neck. Both clinical and radiological reports have been published for the sporthorses and the unbroken horses. The broodmares have been clinically examined and the reports of this can also be found under the tab “Documents”.

Size table explained
The Black Horses Auction uses a size table to indicate the heights of the auction horses. This size table works as follows:

S: about 160cm to 163cm / 15.3 to 16.0
M: about 164cm to 168cm / 16.1 to 16.2
L: about 169cm and upwards / 16.3 and upwards

Note: no rights can be derived from the specified sizes

From Wednesday 29 July, the online biddings open for the auction horses of the Black Horses Auction and the auction will close on Saturday 1 August from 08:00 PM CET.

Would you like to view and / or try the horses? Please contact Carlo van Kaathoven ( +31653246473 )